Model of Cut Sectioned Engine Assembly with Clutch and Gear box (Working)

The model is made out of full size original, used engine. The Maximum parts and accessories of the engine like cylinder block, Cylinder heads, valve ports, piston, Connecting rod, inlet and Exhaust manifolds, throttle body, Fuel system, Lubrication system, Water pump, radiator, oil pump, Oil pan, air Filter, self-starter, Alternator etc are sectioned to clearly demonstrate the internal constructional details. The reduction gear unit will be coupled to the flywheel of the engine assembly, which is then coupled to the single phase AC motor. So that by running the electric motor the entire function of the engine can be demonstrated. The whole system is mounted on to a sturdy iron frame, and the frame will be provided with caster wheels for easy movement of the entire model. Suitable color imported painting will be carried out along with Miracle coating for the model will be done for extra gloss and shine. The painting will be carried out in such a way that different colors will be used for different components such as Air, oil, petrol, exhaust identification of sectioned area etc according to the colors code for easy identification of different systems and mechanisms. All the hardware’s and gears will be suitably electroplated. A switch box with indicator switch will be provided.


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