Cut Section Model Of Different Automobile Parts And Accessories Suitably Painted And Mounted On A Wooden Board:


Model No. Description
MT-P01 Self starter (axle type/non axle type)
MT-P02 Dynamo
MT-P03 Distributor
MT-P04 Mechanical Fuel pump
MT-P05 Electrical Fuel pump
MT-P06 Carburettors Simple Type-2 wheeler
MT-P07 Carburettors Solex Type-4 wheeler
MT-P08 Carburettors Mikuni type
MT-P09 Radiator
MT-P10 Ignition coil
MT-P11 Shock absorber
MT-P12 Brake cylinder and master cylinder
MT-P13 Speedo meter
MT-P14 Water pump
MT-P15 FIP Pneumatic Governor (Four Cylinder engine)
MT-P16 FIP RQ governor (Six cylinder Engine)
MT-P17 FIP RSV governor (Six cylinder Engine)
MT-P18 FIP Distributor type ( four Cylinder)
MT-P19 I.C.Injector (4 Types)
MT-P20 Diesel Filter
MT-P21 Gear Lubrication pump
MT-P22 Propeller shaft
MT-P23 Feed pump
MT-P24 Alternator
MT-P25 Silencer
MT-P26 Catalytic converter
MT-P27 Fuel Pump diaphragm type
MT-P28 Oil Pump External
MT-P29 Oil Pump internal
MT-P30 Vacuum Pump (Vane type)
MT-P31 Vacuum Pump (Rotary type)
MT-P32 piston Pump (air Compressor)
MT-P33 Turbocharger
MT-P34 Fluid flywheel/ Torque converter
MT-P35 Alkaline Battery
MT-P36 Air Cleaner


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